Tradesman Range

From the 1930’s onwards many houses were built using bricks made from distinctive lower Oxfordshire clays. Our Tradesman® Range has been meticulously designed to blend in with these bricks, whenever they are used.

Trademan’s superior durability and strength mean they are ideal for use in most locations, such as boundary walls and wall cappings or to match existing brickwork for extensions and other refurbishments.

They are also popular with builders because of their excellent colour consistency and are also easy to lay with minimal wastage.

A brick that delivers a perfect match

One of the key commercial advantages that our Tradesman range offers merchants is its competitive pricing, offering a boost to margins. Additionally, the bricks have been subjected to rigorous testing that proves their excellent quality and durability.

The enhanced quality of our Tradesman range means that they are completely frost resistant, which means less wastage of stock on site and, more importantly, fewer complaints from customers. The manufacturing process also ensures that the colour match is very consistent throughout, making it easier to shift each pack without the customer needing to root through to find the bricks that are the best match.”

With nine of the colours in the Tradesman range manufactured at the same Walsall-based Atlas factory, it is also possible for merchants to order mixed loads, picking packs of several different colours, ideal for when a full load of one colour is not needed.

Tradesman’s superior durability and strength means the range is ideal for use in most locations such as boundary walls and wall cappings, or to match existing brickwork for extensions and refurbishment projects. The range is also easy to lay with minimal wastage.

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