Manchester Brick and Precast

Our Manchester factory has an unmatched reputation as a specialist manufacturer of high-quality components and façades in reinforced concrete. This provides an alternative method of prefabrication using a mechanical key as opposed to epoxy bonding.

Design advice

An integral part of our service is our full 3D CAD design and structural engineering support. This ensures that we can turn your design concepts into cost-effective, easy to build structural elements of the quality you would expect from Ibstock Kevington. Learn more about our Design Advice service here.

Material choice

Our precise understanding of the properties of facing materials means that we can integrate them into most precast elements. Typical materials include ceramics, bricks, terracotta and stone, both natural and reconstituted.


Strict quality control of all the materials used means that the highest standards of accuracy and precision are maintained. This attention to detail even includes the provision of mechanical fixings and keys into the selected façade material for maximum durability and long service life. And for total peace of mind, much of what we do is covered by BBA or third-party accreditation.

Benefits of Ibstock Kevington Precast

  • Proven expertise of Manchester Brick and Precast.
  • Design and engineering service.
  • Experience of a wide range of natural and man made facing materials.
  • Cost-effective repeat details and features as well as ‘one-offs’.
  • Ability to produce large-scale elements up to 10m in length.

For more information please contact us at or call 07866 738 907.

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