Design with size, design with colour… design with Fireborn®

A range of large format clay blocks available in a range of colours, textures and sizes up to 440mm.

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Fireborn Natural Cream-Unilever, Ibstock Special Bricks
Features Benefits
Uses less mortar Saves cost and time
Give appearance of rainscreen Half the cost of equivalent rainscreen
It is faster to lay Saves time on site with scaffold cost and site overheads
One 215mm block like laying 3 bricks
One 327mm block like laying 4.5 bricks
One 440mm block like laying 6 bricks
Made in the UK Less transport so environmentally friendly. Unforeseen problems can be dealt with faster
All supplied from one batch Consistency of colour and size
Strict size tolerance. +/- 3mm. and batches gauged for consistency Easier to work with and ideal for stack bonding
Made from special clays from a separate weathered stockpile to ensure consistent quality and project management Consistent, durable and guaranteed
As easy to lay as any other large format product. e.g. concrete block, stone etc. No new skills needed
Material cost per sq.m. not a lot more than a good quality handmade brick High standard product at a reasonable cost
Free design advice Added confidence from the experts with over thirty years of experience
Ongoing support to contractors on site with contact management Less defects and less waste, plus a better building
Highly perforated Improves sustainability and ease of handling
Lightweight – lighter than concrete – manual handling single man lift
Dedicated sales office team with Fireborn expertise Fast, knowledgeable response
Range of fittings readily available Increase design potential
Fired clay masonry is well tried and proven over hundreds of years Virtually maintenance free
Easily used in conjunction with other materials. e.g. brick, rainscreen, glass etc. Does not limit use
Available in natural terracotta colours together with a pallet of glazed colours in most sizes Great choice for specifiers
Made and sold under the Ibstock Brick name Warranty and support
Ex-stock Immediate delivery
Used on over 1000 projects Buy/sell with confidence
102mm Width Stability and ease of laying
Lighter than equivalent concrete block One man lift – easy to handle


For normal elevations an M6 mortar [1:1/2:41/2 cement:lime:sand] will be suitable when used at a consistency appropriate for the weight of the units. For stack bonding, stainless steel ladder type bed joint reinforcement should be used at each course.

Products available in all Fireborn size formats

All Fireborn® blocks are F2 durable (BS EN 771-1)

Colour Compressive
( ≥N/mm²)
( ≤% Weight)
Voids (%)
Natural Red 60 8 33
Natural Blue 60 8 33
Natural Cream 60 8 33

Approximate weights/unit

Colour/Product 327 x 215 (kg) 327 x 140 (kg) 215 x 215 (kg) Freedom (kg/m2) 440 x 215 (kg) 490 x 190 (kg)
Natural Red 11 7.2 7.4 160 13.8 14.6
Natural Blue 11 7.2 7.4 160 13.8 14.6
Natural Cream 10.3 6.5 6.8 160 13.5 13.5

Ibstock Product Specification Clauses

For Specification Clauses please contact our Technical Dept or our Design Advisor Team

Mortar Mix

For normal elevations a designation (ii) mortar mix (1:½:4½ cement:lime:sand) will be suitable when used at a stiff consistency appropriate for the weight of the units.

Pack Sizes

Fireborn blocks are packed on pallets with interleaving paper, shrinkwrapped and are Fireborn branded. Handling and laying instructions are included with each pack.

No. of Units /Pack Average dry pack weight (kg) Coverage /pack including joint m² Coverage /m2
incl. joint
327mm x 215mm x 102mm 120 1350 9.10 13.19
215mm x 215mm x 102mm 175 1279 8.86 19.75
440mm x 215mm x 102mm 80 1130 8.10 9.87

The above information does not apply to Glazed units.

Stack-bonded Fireborn®

  • Bed joint reinforcement is required.
  • Use every course for 215 mm high Fireborn.
  • Bed joint reinforcement is readily available from manufacturers such as Ancon, Bekaert and Brikmat.
  • As an alternative use Twin Block which can be laid in strecher bond and generally needs no reinforcement. This will save time and money on site.

Quality Control

  • Fireborn is made to uniquely tight tolerance which is ideal for stack bonding.
  • Fireborn is individually gauged and batched. There are three size bands ‘L’, ‘M’ and ‘H’ into which Fireborn is batched, thus providing the tightest tolerances in the market.
  • Each product is also colour checked with the Colourimeter, to ensure consistent and repeatable colour.

Blue Products

Natural blue Fireborn sometimes exhibits an oily coloured type of stain, generally referred to as ‘peacocking’. It is caused by light diffraction through a very thin surface layer of colloidal silica and it is noticeable because of the iridescent effect of the blue colour.
The staining is usually a result of:-

  • a) Saturation of brickwork prior to the mortar curing – giving a picture frame effect.
  • b) Fireborn coming into contact with copious amounts of water before being built in. The manufacturing process uses a layer of silica sand to separate the bricks during the firing process. Without this the bricks would fuse together in the kiln. The residue of silica on the bricks can turn blotchy when saturated.
  • c) Water run-off from cementitious areas.
  • d) A fine deposit of cement or lime transmitted to fine crazing lines by the moisture in the mortar at the time of laying.

All of the above are superficial; are not detrimental to the performance of Fireborn and all may be minimised by protection from saturation during construction. It is a normal phenomenon of natural blue fired clay products and it should be expected to happen.
Cleaning down with high pressure washers is not recommended!

Health & Safety

Laying Guidelines