For tight project schedules that demand an authentic and durable finish

Ease of installation and strength are among the many benefits of using Fastwall® on your next project. It is an innovative, weather-resistant way to clad, infill or build a wall with real brick slips at speed and with efficiency. This cladding system provides the perfect solution for situations where traditional brickwork is not suitable.

With Fastwall® you won’t have to compromise on design – it’s available with any Ibstock Brick or other brick finish, in a variety of panel shapes and sizes.

It is ideal for either exterior or interior applications, the robust system can be used on a wide range of projects from shop fit-outs, where speedy construction is needed, to refurbishments of pedestrian underpasses which require high strength. The 20mm thick brick slips are bonded to a patented backing and feature a unique interlocking system that makes the lightweight units easy to install on site.

We recommend you use Fastwall® with:

  • Staggered gables
  • Over-cladding of existing walls
  • Lightweight framing
  • Hanging features
  • Large areas of brickwork
  • Matching traditional brick

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