Ibstock Ecohabitats
Building in Biodiversity
Ibstock Ecohabitats
Building in Biodiversity

Clay Ecohabitat Products

Our EcoHabitat range is designed to provide safe spaces for bees, bats, swifts, hedgehogs, sparrows and starlings, enabling them to live in harmony with people.

With an increasing number of our customers now applying Biodiversity Net Gain Principles (BNG) to new developments – the guarantee that a site will have a positive ecological impact upon completion – Ibstock is investing in our built-in EcoHabitat range to support these gains through the lifetime of the homes our customers build.

Bee Brick

Ibstock Bee bricks can be built into any standard clay brick construction using the following guidance.


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Bat Box

Ibstock offers Bat Boxes for both Brick and Cast stone walling systems, creating a match to the aesthetic of any Ibstock Wall.


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Swift Box

Available in both clay and cast stone, the Swift Box has been carefully designed for both new build and retrofit applications where there is a requirement to provide habitats for birds.


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Sparrow & Starling Box

While sparrows often choose holes or crevices within buildings to build their nests, they are also happy to use nestboxes, with the main nesting season running from April to August.


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Concrete EcoHabitat Products
Cast Stone Bat & Swift Box

Discreet and easy to install Ibstock’s Bat & Swift Boxes provides a haven for these important, yet endangered mammal.

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Bee Walling Stone

Over the past decade, numbers of our native bees have been falling at an alarming rate. The Ibstock Bee Brick allows the bee to create a safe nest.

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Hedgehog Gravel Board

Constructed with a pre-cut hole to enhance the presence and habitation of wildlife, the hedgehog board is designed to keep hedgehogs safe.

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