Woodside Health Centre, Glasgow

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When designing Woodside Medical Centre on a difficult site, architect Page/Park needed not only to satisfy the needs of the client, but also to recreate a piece of the city. The building it designed, in brick and pre-cast concrete, restores the volume originally occupied by tenements but which was replaced by a single-storey building.

The precast concrete marks the entrances at either end, while the brick is in keeping with other developments in the area, featuring hand-cut bricks because they contrast with the building opposite which uses a very hard, sharp brick.

The triangular shape of the building means that it only has one significant facade, so ensuring that this had sufficient impact was essential.


Although the architect was keen for the building to have an impressive scale, it also wanted to use patterns to break down that scale. It did this by using string courses of two rows of soldier bricks. These are brick slips attached to concrete backing, pre-made off site, as were the lintels, which also use brick slips. The bricks were taken from the site

batch for use, and the mortar was applied on site, to ensure that it matched.

The overall result is very visually interesting. Because of the softness of the brick, it gives a softness to the whole facade which almost disguises the size of the building.