Brickwork Components & Special Shapes

Who we are…

Ibstock-Kevington is the UK’s largest brickwork special shape and masonry fabrication company with 18 manufacturing sites across the country. Our nationwide coverage ensures that we can supply the products you need quickly and cost effectively supported by an experienced technical and design service.

Modern and efficient factories mean that we can supply any project large or small to the highest quality and environmental standards. At many of our sites, we operate to BS EN 14001, the Environmental Standard and have implemented extensive water and waste recycling schemes at our sites. So whether it is arches, chimneys, manufactured specials, cut and bond brick or stone cladding, terracotta rainscreen, or other innovative products you require, you can be assured that Ibstock-Kevington will be able to supply the most appropriate and competitive products in the marketplace.


What we do…

Timesaving prefabricated brick and stone arches to suit most construction methods.

Brick Slips, Masonry Cutting & BrickTile
Real clay bricks but in a tile format for all applications including precast concrete and wall cladding systems.

Brickwork Components
Factory made brickwork details for use with conventional masonry that save time and money on site.

Lightweight chimneys suitable for Class 1 and Class 2 fires that are quick and easy to install on site without complex supporting structures.

CNC Cutting
High precision waterjet cutting for a wide variety of masonry, ceramics, metals and other materials.

Cut and Bond and Manufactured Brick Special Shapes
Beautiful real brick shapes to add design details and make brickwork easier and quicker.

Prefabricated brickwork panels for gable staggers, interior and exterior wall cladding.

Feature Headers
Glazed and tinted headers to recreate traditional decorative brickwork.

Bespoke high strength concrete backed brick and stone elements.

Underslung soffits
Simple to install precast masonry units to finish soffits and reveals.
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