Brick effect chimneys are a modern and lightweight alternative to brick slip clad chimneys and are suitable for Mid Ridge and Mono Pitch locations for decorative purposes.

Using the latest in GRP technology they can be manufactured with a finish to match virtually any brick type and include very realistic mortar
effect joints. Due to their light weight (25kg average) they can be installed quickly and easily without the need for cranes or heavy duty lifting equipment on site.

The Innovative rain bar system built in to this product offers an effective flashing solution in conjunction with a simple lead apron at the front and rear of the chimney. The necessary aprons can be included and bonded in to position on the chimney ready for a quick and simple installation process.

We offer a standard range of five designs all available with a corbel detail as standard. A stone effect capping can be specified or for a more traditional finish the chimneys can be provided with a flat top for on-site flaunching. All of our brick effect chimneys are CGMA approved and are supplied with standard mortar colour.

Faststack Mono Pitch chimneys can be located anywhere on the roof pitch.

In situations where the chimneys are not located directly over the gable wall, the Mid Ridge design can be used.








Fire protection at the junction of a separating wall to a pitched roof is usually achieved by the provision of mineral quilt to fill gaps between the wall, roof underlay and roof covering, across the full width of the wall. It is essential that the fire protection is not compromised.
To prevent the spread of fire, the dummy chimney should be provided with a fire resistant base so as to achieve the fire protection.

Any gaps between the base of the chimney and the separating wall should be filled with a noncombustible material in a similar manner to the fire stopping provided between the party wall and roof covering.

One way of achieving this is to adopt the detail shown in Figure 1. It shows the typical fire stopping provided between the wall and roof covering continuing under the dummy chimney. It is important that the method of fire protection provided under the dummy chimney links fully with the fire stopping provided between the wall and roof covering. The secondary weatherproofing provided by the roof underlay should be maintained by either continuing
the underlay under or dressing it around the chimney.

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